Why is Pao training important to succeed in Muay Thai?


Pao is one of the primary training tools used in combat sports, notably in Thai boxing, kick boxing and MMA. Usually rectangular in shape, it is padded with several layers of foam in order to maximize the absorption of shocks during training. Pao are used in pairs and secured on the forearms with double straps. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced fighter, you will always benefit from training with Pao!

Pao training is a full training exercise

Unlike punching bags, pao is a mobile training tool. It can be carried and positioned in various places: in front of the chest, the face, the hips, etc. It therefore constitutes a moving target and allows to simulate a real fight.
Furthermore, it enables to work out almost every muscle of the body and to quickly switch between drills or the intensity of the hits during training. Pao is also a training gear that does not take space and is easy to carry. Fighters may also use it before their fight to refine their technique.

Pao training helps you improve your reflexes

Quite evidently, Pao training is an essential way to improve technique and reflexes during a Muay Thai fight.
On the one hand, through quickly varying the paos’ position, as they are carried by your trainer or partner, you will be able to improve your reflexes as well as your striking accuracy. On the other hand, using paos will enable you to carry out diversified drills, enabling you to boost your agility and swiftness in executing both defensive and offensive moves.
The list of strikes and techniques that can be improved through pao training is endless: direct strikes, circular kicks, uppercuts, knee kicks, lateral kicks, etc. Given the fact that pao training is done in conditions simulating a real fight, it makes it easier to practice one’s striking power, agility and striking intensity.

Pao training helps you develop your endurance

When you train with paos, your cardiorespiratory rate increases significantly. It is a very efficient cardio-training exercise which comprises numerous repetitive and intensive moves. It therefore encourages the elimination of excess fats and the improvement of cardiovascular performance. Pao training also allows to boost one’s VO2 max and to improve one’s resistance to exhaustion. All in all, it is a crucial training tool to prepare for a Muay Thai fight!

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