Many people prefer going to Thailand to practice Muay Thai. It is a unique experience that enables one to learn the techniques of this ancestral martial art as well as to discover the various aspects of this wonderful Southern Asian country. Let us see why it is always better to learn Muay Thai in Thailand rather than elsewhere.

Muay Thai originates in Thailand!

For several decades, Muay Thai has become an essential component of the historical and cultural heritage of Thailand. It is the most practiced sport in Thailand and in the rest of Southern Asia. Also known as Thai boxing, its origins lie in certain local martial arts such as Krabi Krabong and Muay Boran, a variation of ancient Khmer free boxing.

Muay Thai has become very popular in Thailand ever since King Naruesan The Great, who reigned over Siam in the 16th century, decided to incorporate it into military training programs. Over time, Siamese soldiers developed new combat techniques integrating kicks and punches featuring fists, elbows, knees and feet, which contributed to improving the efficiency of this martial art in times of duels or one-on-one challenges.

In the 18th century, King Pra Chao Seua (the “Tiger King”) played an important role in promoting Muay Thai. Thanks to the various tournaments that he initiated throughout the country, Muay Thai became Thailand’s national sport. In the 20th century, the country experienced a strong increase in tourism, allowing tourists from all around the world to discover the benefits of this sport. Nowadays, thousands of people decide to go to Thailand every year in order to learn Muay Thai in its native land.

The best training camps can be found in Thailand

Even though the Muay Thai training rooms that can be found in Europe, in the United States or in Australia are extremely well equipped, the best training camps are undoubtedly found in Thailand! These comprehensive training centers offer Muay Thai classes for all levels of experience. Moreover, instructors are for the most part former national champions or fighters who have a long experience practicing this sport.

A breathtaking natural environment

This is no secret: Thailand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world! Actually, it is one of Southern Asia’s main touristic destinations. The country attracts visitors thanks to its lush environment, its splendid beaches lined with coconut trees, its turquoise waters and its green mountains. Thailand is a true paradise for nature lovers. Participating in a Muay Thai training course in Thailand can also be seen as an opportunity to discover this magnificent country and try out other activities such as hiking, water sports, scuba diving, etc.

It feels good to live in Thailand!

Besides, Thailand is a country with extremely rich cultural and historical backgrounds. Going to Thailand in order to learn Muay Thai can therefore be an incredible opportunity to discover various aspects of this astonishing country. Not to mention that Thai people are extremely welcoming and friendly. There is no doubt that Thailand is the best destination to learn Muay Thai!

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