Are you looking for a Muay Thai gym in Thailand located in a serene location near the beach and with all the modern facilities for your training?

Look no further than 301 Gym in Sam Roi Yot.
Our camp is located in a tranquil beachside location in Sam Roi Yot, Hua Hin. The camp is surrounded by coconut trees with scenic views of the mountains. We are also located close to the First Coastal National Park of Thailand, just a few hours from the city of Bangkok.
As a leading Muay Thai camp in Thailand, we provide a professional and clean atmosphere for both men and women interested in learning Muay Thai for a variety of reasons, from getting back in shape and losing weight to the fight preparation and getting inspiration.

Here are some of the key facilities you will get
access to when you train at 310 Gym.

Fitness Area Equipped with Modern Training Equipment

We have a pro-size ring as well a bag area equipped with all the fitness equipment and weights you need to train successfully. 

Our training area is equipped with a power station cage complete with an Olympic bar as well as 195kg of weights, a back extension rack, vertical knee raise or dip machine, and 12 pairs of dumbbells. 

We also provide two straight and incline benches that can be used for different workouts to help you get a full body workout. 

Our training gear and equipment includes all the other standard but essential Muay Thai training items such as heavy bags, Thai pads, skipping ropes, skin guards, gloves, low kick shields, foam rollers, and many more. 

We provide you with a fully equipped gym to ensure that you have everything you need to achieve your training goals. 

Large Basketball Court and a 20-Meter-Long Lap Pool

We also have a large basketball court where you can shoot a few hoops in your spare time and a comfortable TV area where you can sit back, relax, and watch movies or fights on TV when you are not training. 

If you want to relax or work out those muscles in water, we have a 20-meter-long lap swimming pool where you can take an early dip or simply cool off on a hot afternoon after your morning training sessions. 

Highest Standards of Cleanliness and Hygiene

At 301 Gym, we understand the importance of cleanliness and hygiene, especially in the current threat of the COVID-19 pandemic. Gym cleanliness and disinfection are our top priorities today. 

We go to great lengths to ensure that you train in a hygienic environment, especially since Thailand is a tropical country with the potential of bacterial buildup on the gym surfaces and training mats. 

All our mats are cleaned, mopped, and disinfected more than once per day. We also maintain separate cleaning equipment for washrooms and shower facilities to reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses. 

All our BJJ class mats are cleaned and disinfected after each grappling session. We take pride in our culture of cleanliness and hygiene. 

High-Class Accommodation Facilities for Individuals and Small Groups

At 310 Gym, we offer both single and shared room accommodation complete with all the modern amenities you need to relax after a hard day of training. Our rooms are perfectly adapted to meet the needs of either individuals or small groups. 

Shared rooms are equipped with cooling fans and come with the following features:

• Comfortable single beds
• Personal bathroom
• Fridge
• Cable TV

Single rooms for individual guests come with the following:

• A king-size bed
• A private bathroom
• Fans
• Fridge
• Cable TV

We also have single rooms that come equipped with aircon and the following features:

• A queen-size bed
• A private bathroom
• A swimming pool doorstep
• Air conditioning

• Fridge
• An ample-sized closet
• Cable TV
• And a working desk

Keep in mind that there’s normally a limited availability of rooms so we advise you to make your booking as early as possible preferably before you arrive at our facility.

Flexible Training Schedule

We also strive to ensure that we provide training schedules that suit the needs of each student. Whether you prefer to train in the morning or evening, we’ve got you covered. Our gym provides early morning as well as afternoon and evening training classes.

Our flexible training classes commonly feature the following activities:

• Beach run, sandbag, shadow boxing, Muay Thai techniques, stretching, swimming, and sparring in the morning from 6.30 A.M to 9 A.M.

• Running, jumping rope, pad work, and techniques, sandbag, stretching, shadow boxing, clinch, sparring, and rest or swimming in the afternoon from 4.00 P.M to 7.00 P.M.

Learn Muay Thai in a Friendly Modern Facility

Our goal is to ensure that you learn Muay Thai in a friendly and comfortable environment under instructions from qualified and experienced trainers.
We provide you with an opportunity to test your limit in a pleasant environment with the best modern equipment.

If you are planning to train Muay Thai in Thailand,

book your training at 301 Gym today!