Muay thai for Self Defense


By definition, self-defense refers to using physical force to protect oneself from an immediate aggression. It has to be improved by learning combat techniques that aim to help the combatant to defend himself against physical aggressions. Nowadays, self-defense has become an absolutely necessity.

Self-defense techniques are largely based on martial arts or combat sports. The main aim of all these techniques is not to eradicate the aggressor, but rather to distract him sufficiently to find a way to escape. Self-defense is never practiced to eradicate or kill the aggressor. Some martial arts are more practical than others to be taught to ensure self-defense: Muay Thai is effectively one of them!

In fact, Muay Thai is a traditional style combat originally developed in Thailand. It uses the entire body as a weapon especially in close combat. Furthermore, the major part of aggressive attacks is done at a close distance from the victim (punches, stabs, pointed weapons, stick hits…etc.)., which make Muay Thai one of the best options to defend oneself in these cases.

Thai boxing is also a martial art that provides absolutely everything needed to ensure a good self-defense. Yet it is a very demanding sport in terms of endurance and discipline. Your Muay Thai training program will give you good chances to win a street combat, because someone who has been practicing this martial art will know better how to control his fears and actually how to use all his strengths to his own benefit. Another advantage of Thai boxing is the ability of kicking effectively and precisely. This is the most powerful and effective way to fight an aggressor and to keep him away.

Muay Thai has also a big arsenal of kicks, hits, and movements that are suitable and well adapted for a range of situations. While kicking could be very practical to keep the opponent away at a good safety distance, or to put him to the ground, for example, strokes of elbows can be used in both defensive and offensive ways. They can help you to protect your face, for example, but also to better attack your opponent. Finally, in order to prevent any aggressor malicious ambitions, Muay Thai will teach you all the effective ways to catch and control the aggressor, so you’ll be sure to thrash him to the ground!

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