Womens gets Mean and Lean

female muay thai fighter

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Muay Thai from Thailand is a combat sport which is quickly catching on as an international sport. The ancient art makes use of 8 contract points – the feet, hands or fist, the knees and elbows. This form of martial arts is perfect for women and comes with numerous benefits. Many women are looking to become fitter and stronger as they take on this combat sport which is great for using in self defense.

You’ll be seeing many more women in Muay Thai who take up the sport for their own personal reasons –

  • they want to lose weight
  • for discipline and focus
  • for body toning and to get a ripped body
  • self defense
  • to become super fit
  • for competition purposes

Because of the interest shown, there are now many Muay Thai gyms opening up. Women don’t have to be in great shape to join these gyms, with each one having its own vibe. With training at these gyms, you’ll grow leaner, meaner and with a more acute mind so that you can anticipate an attack, while also knowing how to refrain from the reckless impulse to attack and fight when it isn’t necessary.

Some women become so toned and fit, they want additional training to take up fighting. These days you are seeing far more boxing matches with women involved. In fact there are muay thai stadiums in Thailand – Rajadaman and Lumpineem.

Always Warm Up First

There is plenty of information on the Internet as well as videos to show you how you can learn Muay Thai at home. Most prefer to start at a gym to get the training routines right. Some of these basic training workouts focus on getting women started slowly. They always suggest that women do a proper warm-up and stretch session before trying out any techniques.

Shadow boxing is important if you want to perfect your Thai boxing techniques. This helps to ensure you execute your martial arts techniques correctly and from every angle. Bag training is also excellent for practicing kicks and punches, and hitting the bag will give you an idea of what it will be like to hit your fighting opponent.

Women around the world over are looking at Muay Thai as an ingenious way to feel safer and to enjoy other benefits too such as losing weight and looking and feeling on top of the world.

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