Will I see results in one month?


Fo: “Will I see results in one month?”
Yoann: “If you train hard enough you will definitely see results, but it all depends on yourself I cannot do the training for you.”

This is how I started one of my inquiry emails to Yoann the owner of 301Gym, And I can tell you, I have seen the results and I know you can see them as well.

I always wanted to do a “training vacation” go to a Muay Thai camp and train there for a few weeks. After a break-up last March and a stressful period at work I decided after the completion of the current project at that time I was not taking on any other projects and I was going to fulfil one of my dreams, Training at a Muay Thai camp for a whole Month. No sooner said than done, I googled for a Muay Thai camp in Thailand and after comparing a few I went for 301Gym. The main reasons where:

  • It is not far from Bangkok, so no extra flight to get to my destination. (i.e. Phuket)
  • Not a tourist place
  • Had a large swimming pool
  • Pricing
  • Meals included
  • You are guaranteed to stay at the camp, not in a nearby hotel or partnered accommodation.
  • Didn’t seem that massive like some other camps

So how was live at the camp?

The Camp is located in Sam Roi Yot which is an amazing place to be, friendly people nice landscape, beautiful mountains and a gorgeous beach. The camp itself is also very nice it has an amazing 20m swimming pool where you can 2 relax the muscles after a hard training session and it has a total of 15 rooms so you can imagine it will not get to crowded, even when the camp is fully booked. This is a very big advantage in my opinion, because you know the trainers will definitely have time to give everyone the attention they need.

The training can be quite tough especially when you fly in from The Netherlands and your body has to adjust from 10ºC to 39ºC. I wish you the best of luck with your first 6K morning run and then the hour and a half Muay Thai training. To properly acclimatize I personally needed at least a good week and lots of water during the training, I easily drunk 3L of water during one training session. After the first week I started to notice that my body could stand the high temperatures and the high humidity a lot better, it even got better the 2nd week.

Every training session consists of the following elements:

  • Go for a run (long or short)
  • Stretching 10 min
  • Rope Skipping 20 min
  • Muay Thai (technique, bag work, sparring)

And there are 2 sessions per day from Monday-Saturday.

  • Session 1: 06:30
  • Session 2: 16:00

The trainers really now what they’re talking about and they taught me very well. (look up they’re track record on the 301gym web page)

Tip for the people who want to lose weight: “DO NOT SKIP RUNNING”. Be strong and remember why you came to do it, get up and go for it. I promise you, if you run every session you will see amazing results at the end. Keep pushing yourself this also goes for the Muay Thai trainer, Hit the bag as hard as you can, it seems boring but it’s a must for your muscle memory so that even when you’re out of breath your muscles will now automatically how to hit, HARD!

I have so much to tell, so many good memories, I felt good at the camp, I was welcome, appreciated, respected.
I really want to thank Yoann and the Trainers for the time and effort they put into training me and keeping the camp running I will definitely be back in 2017 this time for two months.
Last but not least, here’s a picture of how I came in and how I went back… still got a road to go to become shredded but hey it’s a good start!

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