Why Swimming is beneficial to Muay Thai athletes?


Muay Thai is a martial art whose origin can be traced back to Thailand. It is commonly referred to as the “Art of Eight Limbs”. This is so because it makes use of kicks, punches, knee as well as elbow strikes, thus using eight “points of contact”. The Muay Thai athlete has to be super fit to be constantly on top of their game. They’ll want to be flexible so that the joints of the body can move through a complete range of motions.

To this end they need to condition themselves with a number of different exercises to hone their bodies into fighting shape. They’ll want to include activities which :Stretch their muscles so as to increase physical performanceDecrease the risk of injuryIncrease neuromuscular co-ordination

These sorts of activities all work together to build on stamina, speed, strength, co-ordination, balance and technique. Activities which cover all of the main muscle groups as well as specific muscle groups will be called for.

Swimming a Superb Cardio Workout

Muay Thai athletes need to punch, strike and kick and so they want to be involved in a number of activities to achieve this. Activities such as running, sparring, bag workouts, rope jumping, aerobic moves and swimming will all be activities that will be highly beneficial for physical and mental abilities.Swimming isn’t only an excellent training activity for Muay Thai athletes, it is an excellent sport for everyone to take part in as it helps with maintaining heart health and it burns fat. Training with swimming will include among others, lap sprints as well as cardiovascular swimming training. We look at one or two other reasons why swimming is so utterly important for Muay Thai training –Swimming is a form of resistance training and has things going for it that other sports don’t include. For instance when you swim, the water works against your body, forcing your muscles to use loads of energy just to perform the easiest motions.Swimming builds stamina because using all of your muscles against constant resistance, ensures your heart is pumping more blood throughout the body. Apart from improved endurance, swimming also helps with controlled breathing. Excellent breathing techniques will stand you in good stead for throwing strikes.

The Muay Thai fighter has to have on-going general fitness, and avoid injury at all costs. Swimming and other water exercises for instance are the safest for your back because it is non-weight bearing, placing minimal strain on the back. Swimming is excellent for your joints because it doesn’t give your joints a pounding. The water actually serves as a cushion for joints and bones. Regular swimming is guaranteed to improve overall fitness and strengthen muscles.

Strength, power and endurance are essential attributes for any Muay Thai fighter if you want to get through your rounds, and it is precisely why so many of the top Muay Thai champions take to the pool for anaerobic work.

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