The role of foreigners in the development of Muay Thai


Muay Thai is one of the facets of Thai culture that makes the pride of the country. It also contributes to generate additional income for the country. Furthermore, foreigners have widely contributed to the development of the practice of this sport activity both in Thailand and the rest of the world.

Muay Thai and the MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

A few years ago, the fans of combat sports began to get bored of the fighting techniques that was used at that time. Also, they had the bright idea to mix them taking the best techniques from each sport in order to create different and unique combat styles. It is in this way that MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) was born.
In order to find some new sources of inspiration, the fighters were interested in styles of combat coming from different cultures around the world. Thailand is one of the amazing countries that capture the attention with its specific and fiery martial art that is Muay Thai.
The MMA fans have widely contributed to make Muay Thai a popular martial art. They have placed it among the same category of martial arts like Brazilian Wrestling (for ground battles), or Tae Kwon Do (for foot fighting techniques). By the way, Muay Thai is considered to be the Asian equivalent of kick boxing, and it is also known as Thai Boxing.

Foreigners in Thailand and Muay Thai

Having a great passion for this martial art, a significant number of tourists from all over the world love to visit Thailand at least once just to learn Muay Thai. Furthermore, it has become a tradition among these sportsmen practicing Muay Thai that once they reach a good level, they choose to travel to the country where Muay Thai was originally invented in order to improve their combat skills and techniques.
A lot of Muay Thai camps training were established for this reason. There are enough of these to meet the existing demand. Thanks to big popularity of this martial art all over the world, the training centers of Thai Boxing have been able to have the funds necessary to buy all the required sport materia

One of the biggest advantages of this ability to have high quality sports equipment is that the centers can provide training programs that meet the high standards of the sport discipline and the needs of the practitioners. This not only helps the learners hone their skills but also helps to evolve the sport further.
Those tourists that travel to Thailand in order to become great Muay Thai fighters become the best ambassadors of the sport. Once they return back to their countries, it is not unusual that they share their knowledge and the techniques that they learnt in Thailand.

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