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Originating from Thailand, Muay Thai’s country of origin, where this discipline has been practiced for centuries, Saenchai discovered the boxing world at a very young age. Indeed, he was only eight years old when he began to learn the techniques of Muay Thai and made his first steps into the ring. Born in 1980, he took up this discipline following the victory of his brother’s friend who had received a prize after winning a fight. Proof of his innate talent, the boxer whom used to be known as Suphachai Saenpong easily won his first fight. He was transferred to Bangkok at the age of fourteen in order to start his professional boxing career.

An impressive track record explained by a unique technique

After winning the lightweight title and the bantamweight titles at the Lumpinee Stadium Championship at age sixteen and eighteen respectively, Saenchai did not stop in such a good way. This boxer is now a Muay Thai legend thanks to his impressive track record and inimitable boxing style. The dexterity of his moves and his agile footwork provide real pleasure to viewers and fans of the discipline. He is in particular known as the inventor of the “cartwheel kick” inspired by “Sepak Takraw”, or “volleyball kick”, a sport which finds its origins in Southeast Asia.

In addition to the multiple titles he has won during his career (including during the Muay Thai and Boxing World Championships), he has earned respect due to the large number of legendary opponents he has fought and defeated. His ability to remain at the highest level for almost a decade has earned him the status of Muay Thai’s greatest legend in Thailand and beyond. His unique fighting techniques have inspired many boxers, even in the mixed martial arts field. His clever tactics and stylistic precision make him an ingenious boxer, allowing him to rely more on his instinct than on elements such as strength or power.

His titles include Lumpinee Stadium Champion on several occasions and in various categories, 2010 Toyota Cup Tournament Champion, 2010 World Muay Thai Championship’s Lightweight Champion, and 2011 World Boxing Championship’s Diamond World Champion.

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