MMA vs Muay Thai

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For a long time, free fight was the most popular combat sport style used around the world. A lot of professional sportsmen practicing other more conventional martial arts are often stunned by the flexibility, rough treatment, and variety of movements and options these combats offer. Then, there was a need to find a new combat style that would be more competitive in front of the free fight combatants.

No wonder, Thai boxing emerged as the favorite martial art for all opponents of the MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). Muay Thai is nothing but an elegant way to practice an ancestral martial art with a lot of similarity with mixed martial arts. As a complete combat sport, Muay Thai has absolutely all the ingredients to please practitioners, and show the “true and effective” side of its practice, even if it is largely considered as a lethal sport. Probably, it is due to this “lethal” aspect that Muay Thai is appreciated by fighters to put an end to the MMA domination!

After proving its effectiveness during combats, especially with Krav-maga, Burman boxing, and MMA, the traditional Thai martial art has been quickly adopted by a lot of sports fighters as their favorite style. Since MMA combats attract a lot of fans, enthusiasts, high-level athletes, and especially betters and sports businessmen, the number of Muay Thai practitioners has been increasing continuously.

Thus, the rise of popularity of Muay Thai over the past decades has arisen from a need to contest MMA which has long dominated the category of combat sports, especially the hand to hand combats. The traditional struggle used for a long time by Thai ancestors to defend their lives, their territories, and to attack and conquer neighboring provinces was developed and improved. Thanks to this improvement of techniques, largely due to the need to meet the high level standards of international sporting combat, Muay Thai has finally got the recognition that it deserves!

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