For many people, losing weight is difficult; there are no two ways about it. Some people are blessed with fast-acting metabolisms and go through much of their lives having no great difficulty with remaining slim. Others are diet conscious and enjoy getting plenty of cardio on a daily basis. But for the rest of us, keeping the weight off can feel like a towering impossibility – particularly when life gets in the way and we struggle to make time for regular exercise.

Between drinking alcohol with friends and enjoying the occasional naughty takeout, it feels like anything even remotely fun is bad for your body. But, that’s not to say that losing weight has to be entirely out of your reach. In fact, there are many exciting, effective, and accessible ways of keeping the beer belly at bay.

Take Muay Thai as an example: training Muay Thai for fitness is one of the most intense and engaging workouts you can try and if you are looking to lose weight, there are few activities quite as effective. In this article, we’re going to talk about how by combining strength and conditioning, cardiovascular endurance training, and a number of other workouts involved with Muay Thai training, you can shred weight faster than you thought imaginable!

1 – Full body workout

Muay Thai is often affectionately referred to as the ‘art of eight limbs’. This is because it is a discipline that uses and challenges practically every part of the body.

 Fists and elbows: much like regular boxing, Muay Thai uses various combinations of punching and elbow strike sequences and as such, a great deal of focus is placed on the upper body. Combining heavy bag sessions and pad sparring with a professional trainer, you’ll be able to burn an intense number of calories in each training session.
 Knees and legs: kicking is one of the major aspects of Muay Thai and there are many different techniques for you to learn. Practicing kicks and knee strikes using heavy bags and pads is a great way to engage your core, work the abdominal muscles, and burn a serious amount of calories.

2 – Crazy cardio

Muay Thai training incorporates strength and conditioning elements as one of the key aspects of combat is having a strong and efficient heart, coupled with strong and flexible limbs. Hence why many of the workouts featured in our Muay Thai gym training is aerobic and anaerobic in nature.

In other words, we’ll be teaching your controlled breathing exercises to fuel your muscles and keep your body pushing through those physical barriers.

When you put the effort in (and don’t worry because we will be behind you, pushing you every step of the way), you can burn up to 1,000 calories in a single one-hour session!

Additionally, at 301 Muay Thai Gym, we incorporate a number of other cardiovascular activities into our training regimes, such as beach runs, swimming sessions, and more.

The weight you will lose through sweat alone is ridiculous!

3 – Calisthenics and plyometric training

Calisthenics and plyometric training are two of the most popular fitness concepts used today and Muay Thai involves them both:

 Callisthenic workouts: refer to exercises that use nothing but your own body weight. No equipment necessary, just a number of personal exercises that you can do anywhere, improving strength, endurance, flexibility, and indeed your coordination.
 Plyometric workouts: are similar in concept, only using basic equipment such as mats, exercise balls, skipping ropes, and so on. Utilises these with a variety of compound movements, we will burn calories in rapid concession whilst improving your range of motion, balance, agility, and flexibility.

4 – Dynamic training environment

While there are certainly elements of repetition with training Muay Thai for fitness (such as learning and practicing various strikes and combos), when training with 301 Gym to lose weight, you’ll find that no two sessions are exactly the same; we’re always introducing new techniques and mixing up the routines to keep your body guessing.

Another great aspect of training with us is sustainability and perseverance. For many people training by themselves is difficult because they lack the discipline to push through the physical and mental barriers, resulting in substandard workouts. However, when training Muay Thai with us, our expert trainers will help you push through those barriers, bolster your sustainability, and bless you with the strength of mind to overcome any physical challenge set before you.

5 – Professional guidance

At 301 Gym, we have some of the finest Muay Thai gym instructors around. Learning self-defence and absorbing so much information about the art and culture of Muay Thai is a uniquely rewarding experience.

Not only are you getting stronger with each session, but you are learning a valuable life skill that will stay with you forever. That, and you will be fortifying both your body and your mind.

Another great aspect of training with us is the personalisation aspect. Our trainers will get to know your unique body type, strengths, weaknesses, needs, and requirements. Using this information, we can mix up your training to help you overcome some of your biggest challenges, while highlighting your greatest strengths.

If you want to come to understand your body better than you could have ever thought possible, losing weight with 301 Gym and mastering the art of Muay Thai is for you!

The takeaway: shred that weight and strengthen your mind and body

One of the reasons why many people neglect to exercise regularly is because they find it boring. If this is you then you can rest assured that you will be pleasantly surprised at how engaging and exciting Muay Thai is.

It won’t be easy. We will push your further than you’ve ever gone before. But, if you are hungry for a change and desperate to lose weight in Thailand, there are few things more thorough and effective as shredding weight through intensive Muay Thai training.

Would you like to learn more about how 301 Gym can help you get back in shape? If so, we’d love to hear from you! Contact us today and we’ll gladly answer any questions you might have.

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