Learn Muay Thai to lose weight


As far as martial arts go, they are all highly physical and require a good amount of psychical fitness. Every single master of a martial art is always in their peak physical condition. So if you want to learn Muay Thai, that means you will have to first get your body in shape. Muay Thai is often confused with kickboxing. While they may have certain similarities, Muay Thai is a lot more intense, burns more calories and is much harder to learn. So if you are looking to lose weight the fun way, Muay Thai might just be it.

Muay Thai is not just a fighting skill, it is a nuanced art that takes dedication and hard work. Here are a few reasons why you should definitely take up Muay Thai and why it is one of the best ways to lose weight ever.

  • Extensive cardio
    We all know that cardiovascular exercise helps burn calories. It is basically getting your heart rate up and keeping it going for sometime. It gets fat burning and is an important part of any regimen. Muay Thai pretty much keeps your heart beating throughout. The movement is constant, there is almost no rest as you will be punching, kicking, and conditioning from start to finish.
  • Strength training
    Working out muscles burns fat. As you build muscle, you will lose fat, that’s how the body works. As you get older, you are going to be losing up to half a pound of muscle mass a year. Muay Thai makes you expand, stretch and tense your muscles right at the moment of impact. It also involves your elbows and knees. You will begin to feel fatigue almost instantly after you start working out. Over time, your muscle mass will increase and you start burning fat. It is often called the art of eight limbs, so you will get a lot stronger as you practice and get better.
  • Full body training
    Unlike other martial arts or gym workouts, Muay Thai makes you use your entire body, all the time. There will be no need for spot reduction or any kind of specific training for certain parts of the body. It is a holistic approach to weight training and you will stay happy when seeing the scale.

Muay Thai is much more than a way to fight. It is a way of life that will keep you strong, focused and healthy.

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