Are you Ready for Your first Muay Thai Fight?


Knowing if you’re ready for your first Muay Thai fight is a lot about your mindset going in. You’ve been training and preparing for this day, and the moment is upon you. Lots of meditation and getting in touch with your body is going to help you the most. Just a few moments a day of quiet reflection in the morning are all that’s needed. Taking time to set your intention before you work out and spar will get you in the best head space to train and fight. Some people listen to music or positive speaking in their headphones while others prefer silence. You know what you need to get yourself there.

If you’re just starting your training, then keep in mind this is a big commitment. You’re going to have to make sacrifices and treat this just like a job. It’s going to take a lot of hours and a lot of discipline. If you’re ready to go all in, then you’re on your way to being ready for your first fight.

Picture the fight and visualize it going the way you want it to go. Sometimes just seeing things the way you want them to happen can help you prepare for an event that much easier. It gives you the confidence to go in with a winning attitude and really see yourself coming out victorious. This will help you get through difficult workouts as well. The night before the fight go to the ring and do your visualization in the place the fight is actually going to be held.
You’re ready to go if you have been serious about your training daily. You need to be in the best shape of your life to get ready for the fight. 

That means strength training, running and bag work. Skipping a workout for a day is okay if you’re completely drained, but that’s it. If you can help it force yourself to do something even on the day you want to skip. Even if it’s just thirty minutes of jump rope. You can’t miss workouts if you’re going to be in peak fighting condition. You need to make sure you’ve been taking care of your body.

If you’re not getting enough sleep you will not be ready to go into the fight. Your body is recovering while you’re out so you need to try for at least eight hours. You also need to be eating right for your workouts. Fruits and vegetables are essential to your training. Leafy vegetables are especially good so stock up on your kale. Try to stay away from carbs like white bread and sugar. You’ll want more carbs like whole wheat and brown rice.

Watch fights on video if you have access to them and study how the fighters move. You may notice a few things and watching the fights in action will help you become more prepared. Watch fights in person too and observe seasoned fighters sparring. Eating, breathing, and sleeping the fights is going to have you prepared and pumped for your first fight. Keep your mind sharp and you’ll be ready.

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