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Antoine Pinto, also known as Antuan Siangboxing, is a Muay Thai – or Thai boxing – specialist, Thailand’s national sport. As a French national, he is currently one of the most respected boxers in this discipline and enjoys celebrity status in his country of adoption. With his brother Victor, who is also a professional boxer, they have even created a brand of sports centers.

Antoine Pinto was born in France, in the city of Toulouse, before moving to Thailand with his family when he was only eleven years old. His parents decided to move to the south of the country to open a nature-adventure sports center. As soon as they arrived in Thailand, the Pinto brothers discovered the national sport, Muay Thai, a bit by coincidence. Initially a way to make new friends and learn the national Thai language, this leisure quickly turned into a real passion before turning into a professional vocation. Muay Thai represented and served as a real means of integration for the Pinto brothers, who were the only Westerners in their school at the time. They eventually made progress and got noticed by big promoters in Bangkok, which eventually led to the launch of their professional sports career.

Antoine Pinto’s impressive track record is one of the reasons for his popularity. Winner of Glory 38 Chicago in 2017, Super Champion in the 75 kg category at the 2016 Thai Fight, Grand Prix Champion at the 2011 Muay Thai World Championships, and holder of the X-One Belt in Thailand in 2006, he often appears in the main rankings of the World Boxing Council, Glory Kickboxing (the world’s largest kickboxing organization) and Supreme Striking, among others. Currently ranked sixth in the welterweight category, his glory record is 2-1-0 (0 KO) (Wins-Losses-Draw (KOs). His average fight time is 9 minutes and his striking accuracy is estimated at 53.08%. Measuring 1m84, he has been part of the Thai Fight team since 2013, allowing him to represent the discipline all over the world and at the highest level.

Antoine Pinto – also known as Antuan Siangboxing – has thus carved himself a prominent place in the world of Thai boxing thanks to his capacity to adapt and self-sacrifice. Speaking Thai fluently and having lived in Thailand for almost fifteen years, he has conquered the hearts of his adoptive compatriots who worship this ancestral discipline.

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