Muay Thai Clinch Techniques

Clinch is the one of the main techniques of Muay Thai and is also used in many other combat sports such as Sambo, Judo and wrestling. However, what you may not know is that it is impossible to practice Muay Thai at a good, or in the other words, real level without learning how to clinch properly. Controlling your rival from the clinch and then landing short attack, that is, punches, elbows, sweeps and knees is the eventual goal when struggling in this close range position. You can only master it through feeling and reacting to your opponent’s attacks and movements.

It’s usual that the two fighters will use clinches one or more times during a Muay Thai combat. This technique is known to be very fast, so it is necessary to choose a highly qualified referee who will be very attentive and evaluate if the use of clinch is compliant to the rules of this martial art or not.


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Clinch is particularly appreciated because the kicks and shots are done in a super high speed, and can help a combatant to come back in the combat and turn the result in his favor. This part of the combat requires a good physical and mental preparation because the technique is used when the two combatants are very close to one another, and consequently the field of vision is completely narrowed. That’s why it is necessary to anticipate the kicks and to expect the opponent moves accurately.

It is important to note that there are various techniques to clinch. The most basic and common one consists of leaning against the opponent’s clavicle on the forearms and simultaneously making a tight grip around his neck. This well-known technique can be executed in both offensive and defensive ways. This also allows you to rest for a while as you are so close to the opponent that you reduce the possibility of any blows from him, at least for a short time. This technique is also very effective to exhaust the opponent. By hitting him rapidly and continuously, you end up destabilizing and weakening him.

Another distinctive quality of the clinch is that you can use the technique to both attack and defend yourself. In defense, clinch is a very practical method to reduce the aggressiveness of the opponent, while in attack, it will helps you to immobilize and control the opponent by realizing several blows of foot, knees, and shoulders.

In conclusion, all the techniques of Muay Thai clinch focus on immobilizing the other combatant in order to hit him strongly using all the limbs. Another well-known combat strategy consists of throwing the opponent to the ground by holding his head with two hands. This clinch’s technique helps to dominate him while getting some rest in turn.

Finally, the use of the clinch techniques will depend mostly on the opponent’s combat strategy. Like any other combat technique, in order to master clinch, you must undergo a hard and rigorous training program as well as watch a lot of combat videos to learn the art from the champions!


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