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History of muay thai

Muay Thai is an ancient martial art and national sport in Thailand. It is also the most popular sport in South Asia surpassing other sports such as Vietnamese boxing, Burmese boxing, Laotian boxing, or Khmer boxing. The history of Muay Thai is closely linked to that of Thailand. Also known as Thai Boxing, Thai Boxing, or Thai Boxing, it was practiced for the first time by Thai warriors to defend themselves and repel invaders including the Burmese.

The origins of Muay Thai

In general, the origins of Muay Thai are relatively imprecise and uncertain. Indeed, the Burmese, who were in constant war with the Siamese (Thais), had destroyed a large part of the archives of Thailand. The oldest historical documents attesting to the practice of this martial art are based on the royal chronicles transmitted orally.

One thing is certain, Thai boxing has its origins in local martial practices like Muay Boran and Krabi Krabong. Moreover, it is considered the modern form of Muay Boran, which comes from the Pradal Serey (former Khmer free boxing). Thai boxing has evolved to become a high-performance combat system in which body parts such as fists, elbows, feet, and knees are used as weapons!

This hand-to-hand combat system was extremely effective since man-to-man combat was the norm in the battles at the time. In the 16th century, the practice of Muay Thai was promoted by King “Naresuan the Great” and was an integral part of military training in Thailand.

The development of Muay Thai practice

It must be recognized that the decision of King “Naresuan the Great” to integrate Muay Thai into military training played an important role in the promotion of this martial art. Over time, more and more Thai people have been introduced to Muay Thai, which has contributed to the development of his techniques.
In the 18th century, the effectiveness of Muay Thai was demonstrated by the famous Thai fighter “Nai Khanom Tom”, who was captured by the Burmese soldiers and who managed to defeat all his opponents in a tournament played in front of the King of Thailand. Burma. Also in the 18th century, Muay Thai became a national sport in Thailand following a ruling by King Pra Chao Seua.

The development of tourism in the country, from the 20th century, has contributed to the export of Muay Thai all over the world, especially in the United States and Europe. Currently, Muay Thai is very popular with young Europeans who are moving to Thailand to learn the techniques of this martial art in our training camp of Sam Roi Yot!