The trainers

Here at 301 gym we have a wealth of experience trainers with proven track records and successful careers in the sport. A passion for the sport has brought us together and our guests will have the privilege to be taught by caring and skilled professionals.

  • Yoann Gouaida (yo)
    Yoann Gouaida (yo) Co-owner

    35 years old french citizen and moved to Thailand in 1999 at the age of 18 years old to train and compete in Muay Thai. Totalizing over 50 fights mostly in Thailand but also in other countries such as Australia, Russia, China, New zealand and many more. In 2004 Yoann won the World Professional Muay Thai Federation belt in Lumpinee stadium at a weight of 175 lbs he had just turned 23 years old .
    6 years later Yoann had the opportunity to open his own gym along with his business partner fellow Canadian and fighter Dustin Graber, the 301 Muay thai camp was born .

  • Sadisak Chontichu (Sak)
    Sadisak Chontichu (Sak) Trainer

    41 years old started fighting at the age of 12 and totalise 200 fights maybe more.
    kru Sak is from Loei north east Thailand and is teaching the art of Muay Thai for a bit over 10 years.
    Kru Sak has a heart the size of a Zeppelin and limitless patience he has the ability to teach everyone regardless of level.

  • Charoen Chakachok (P Mo)
    Charoen Chakachok (P Mo) Trainer

    Chareon from Nakhon Ratchasima in Issaan, north east part of Thailand, started training and fighting at the age of 8 years old. Vice Omnoi Champion 122lbs in 2003.
    With a total of 89 fights and a 10 years experience as a Trainer. P Mo is an acomplished sportsmen he also plays football for a very long time.

  • Phet nam krong (toey)
    Phet nam krong (toey) Assistant trainer

    Our youngest trainer and just 26 years old Kru Toey has up to 90 fights and practices Muay Thai since the age of 10 years old .
    Trainer for now 2 years Toey originally from NongKhai (north-east)
    Loves a good laugh and very spicy food , but very endurant at training.

  • Somkiat kienputsa (Khot)
    Somkiat kienputsa (Khot) Trainer

    Still an active fighter and at the age of 19 years old kru Khot will help on getting guys ready for fights or hold pads to perfection techniques for our guests while himself training all the time to compete .
    Khot started at the age of 8 and has now 110 fights and counting ,vast number of them at the famous Lumpinee stadium in Bangkok ,he has been helping trainers and teaching for more than 2 years.