• Jack Whiltshire
      January 2018 will be my 3rd visit at 301 Muay Thai Camp marking my 3rd month training there. The location is absolutely incredible, located in a quiet area in central Thailand it's far from distractions so you can knuckle down and focus on your training. Hua Hin however is only a 1 hour drive away, which can provide a break away to have a party etc.
      The owner is super chilled, and will spit mad barrs on request. It's an extremely relaxing atmosphere during the daytime, and you can expect some good, intense morning and afternoon training sessions. The food is okay, if you want amazing food you can go to a restaurant and buy some, however the standard of the food at camp suits me, it allows me to take the emotion out of eating, allowing me to keep my diet on point.
      The rooms have improved so much over the years. If you are from colder countries like eastern europe, UK etc I would recommend the aircon rooms if staying over 10 days, it gets a bit much after a while, especially if you're a pussy like me.
      If you're debating right now whether or not to book, just get it done.
      Jack Whiltshire
  • Simon Laurens
    Where should I start ... I was heading to this camp for many reasons, start from scratch, learn Muay Tha, and I never thought it would be as good as it was. First the location is amazing, far enough from the distractions of everyday life the camp is the perfect place to focus on yourself, to train hard, and to rest in perfect conditions during your free time. Moreover, I went there without any knowledge of the National sport and in a month, I feel I have learned a lot, technically speaking because of the really good coach, but also about the spirit of this discipline, performance, solidarity, surpassesing oneself and respect. And finally, I met awesome people, Yoann first, who were always here to help, give advices and make things even better, and all the people coming from all other the world ! I'll be back soon ! Muay Tha STRONG ! Simon Laurens
  • Geofrey Geho
    After 1 months Muay Thai training at 301 Gym Muay Thai Camp, amazing experiences , I will recommande you that place for everyone like contact sport , thanks to the trainers you been so nice and professional , thanks to all people I met at the camp I will miss you guys .. 100% I will come back soon Geofrey Geho
  • Karan Cariappa
    First timer to a combat sport and I loved the experience. The trainers are really experienced and like anybody with a fighting background....they are willing to go the extra mile with you if you show the dedication and perseverance. As in all the reviews...the food is not enough....and that's a blessing in disguise, because you end up discovering more of the surroundings once you go out for a snack or a meal. And the place is beautiful!!!! You just need to add the scooter rental charges (Samuran...down the road rents out scooters and is pretty chill with the customers if you're from the camp!!) in your planned budget....which I would add...are probably the cheapest in Thailand. (Though I really wouldn't complain about the food because, it also helps you lose weight and keeps you focused on the training.) On the whole, a great place for beginners and a great experience!! Nothing like running on the beach and jumping into the pool after training. Karan Cariappa
  • Ralph Sas
    I absoluty love this place, Ive stayed for 12 days and already booked my next stay which will be for a month in Dec and I'm looking to return at least twice again next year. The gym is perfectly placed and build taking advantage of it's surroundings. The pool is 5 star hotel quality, The training is on point, the trainers bring out the best in you, and make you work hard while teaching you classic muay thai. Next to that Yoann (the owner) makes you feel more then at home from the moment you get there, his sense of humor combined with his fighting history makes 301 an unforgettable impression/experience. Highly recommented if you come to train/learn muay thai, prepare for a fight or loose weight and have a good time while doing it. My bloodpressure dropped with 25% in just 12 days. Ralph Sas
  • Sati Kaiira
    Great camp - good clean rooms with choice of a/c and non a/c rooms depending on you your budget. Training facilities are awesome - pool is a great addition as helps relax the muscles after each session - very very few camps have these facilities as most are just gyms u attend so you have to sort ur own foood and accommodation out Trainers are awesome and support/push u as much as u want and more Everyone at the camp is really friendly - you build a real camerarderie with other people there Skill sets vary from total beginner to expert - but no one judges and everyone is helpful/committed and highly motivated You will discover new limits for yourself re what u can do - fitness levels step up massively after 2 weeks training Local beach town is a very beautiful spot and has some nice restaurants/bars for your welcome day off!! Catering could be a little more varied - so you should take some Tabasco sauce! Would definitely visit again!! Sati Kaiira
  • Mint K
    301 camp gave me an amazing first time experience with Muay Thai. The camp is located in a secluded area, just a couple of minutes walk to Sam Roi Yot beach. It was a perfect location to keep my focus on the training. Surrounded by mountains and palm trees, I was eager to wake up early everyday to breath in a fresh air, followed by a run on the beach. My stay was during a low season which was perfect. The experienced trainers were able to focus more on the fewer numbers of guests. The camp is female and first timer friendly. My decision to stay at 301 camp were to learn Muay Thai, lose weight and simple getaway from the everyday life to try something new. The stay here checked all the boxes! I am already planning another longer stay at the camp. Highly recommended! Mint K
  • Silje Whal
    An amazing camp with all facilities. The 301 Muay Thai camp has everything you need to offer. You can get the complete package with training lessons, accommodation and food for a very reasonable amount. They offer excellent Muay Thai classes, with two high level classes a day. Situated in the wonderful Sam Roi Yot area, the camp had everything an athlete would want to offer. I am extremely pleased with both the training, the people, the location and the service. Highly recommandable for all fitness levels!!! I will surely be going back as soon as possible. Silje Whal
  • Emily Wu
    I have spent 2 months at 301 Muay Thai gym. It doesn't matter if you're here as a beginner or an advanced student this is the perfect place to just focus on Muay Thai. The gym is female friendly, with knowledgable and respectful trainers. The accomodation is clean, hot showers and comfortable beds. This place will always have a special place, with the trainers preparing me for my first fight in Thailand. To all the ladies thinking about it, you won't regret it. Even if you have never done Muay Thai before the trainers will guide you all the way and your fitness will only improve. I will defiantly come back again, hopefully longer then 2 months. Emily Wu
  • Kyle Reay
    Possibly one of my best decisions yet was coming to 301! training is far beyond anything you would expect with trainers guidance and knowledge, I am well impressed. The intense training goes well hand in hand with the breathtaking location, no distractions but plenty to do and see. spectacular views and family like welcoming in the camp. I'll be back soon and that's one thing I can guarantee. Thanks to Yoann and all the trainers! Kyle Reay
  • Clint Williams
    Had the time of my life ! This place is just beautiful for a start, & you can explore the national park till your hearts content... It's very quiet and peaceful in Sam Roi Yot, and I was told by some Thai people that this was "real Thailand" just a stunning gorgeous place to train Muay Thai boxing... The camp is really cool, and the team of trainers are elite with every facility you need to improve your skills.... I shall be racing back there one day extremely soon! Oh And the guy who runs the camp is awesome, a real character an funny guy! Peace Clint Williams
  • Tommy Ramez
    Very good gym. The trainers were very polite and the other guys training there were so friendly.The gym care taker and head trainer 'Yoann' really would go out of his way to make the stay as smooth as possible, The rooms and accommodation were 10 out of 10. I recommend this place to anybody it's must for anyone going to Thailand for serious training or recreational fitness. Tommy Ramez
  • Mohammed Soliman
    Honestly, best place ive ever been. A place to lose yourself, find yourself, accept yourself, push yourself, better yourself and love yourself. The owner is an understated host with the most. No matter your skill or fitness level you will be given equal attention, be made to feel like you belong. Go alone or go with friends either way you will come away a fitter , stronger, happier you Mohammed Soliman
  • Arende van der Pol
    I came to 301 with no previous experience of Muay Thai. After only 2 weeks I felt a huge improvement in my skills, fitness and understanding of the sport. The trainers helped to finesse the techniques in detail. I was given lots of time training on the pads, sparring and clinching. Every session was rewarding. All aspects of the training are optional so everybody can stay at their comfort level. The trainers had lots of experience and different styles which ensured there was lots to learn. Communication was excellent. It took a few days to acclimatise and get used to the intense schedule but I was encouraged to go at my own pace and build up my fitness. By the end I had lost my belly and felt great. Overall I achieved astonishing physical results from only 2 weeks work. The camp is in an attractive and peaceful rural location which means you're able to immerse yourself in the training without distractions. It makes for an incredibly focussed training experience. I stayed in a deluxe room and it was really comfortable with a great range of english tv channels. The camp has an awesome pool which is great for a relaxing post-training paddle. At first I felt that the food provided was less than I needed but my body adapted to this and got used to it. Now I am home, I have continued to eat fewer large meals and have realised the benefits. The guests and staff were friendly. The camp has a genuinely warm atmosphere. I met lots of interesting people who I will stay in touch with. There was a mix of beginners and those with some previous experience. Training like this is challenging but hugely rewarding and educational. I would recommend 301 to anyone who wants to improve their combat abilities, get in shape quickly or simply focus on their mental and physical health. I miss being there and can't think of a better place to train. I will definitely come back soon, hopefully for a month or longer, so I can stay in shape and push my Muay Thai to the next level. Luke Gyulai Lancaster
  • Jesse Green
    Loved it! The perfect location, surrounded by big mountains and palm trees like something you would see in a movie! Trainers were great to train with. Food was great, definitely be coming back for another month! Jesse Green
  • Arende van der Pol
    Very very very nice place. Excellent trainers, surrounding and facilities. For beginners the perfect place to learn Muay Thai, for the more experienced a nice place to learn even more and train hard. The vibe is so good that I can only recommend the 301 gym to everyone. Who does not want to be trained by pro fighters in a beautiful area as Sam Roi Yot? Arende van der Pol
  • Charles Chen
    I made the best decision this year! During this month I gained a lot. - The professional solid technology teaching from the coach. -Meeting great people from all over the world. -Exploring magnificent views and nature beauty of Sam Roi Yod. Charles Chen
  • Tom Ngo
    Great camp experience! Professional Instructors! Professional training! Super friendly environment that is isolated between mountains, perfect for focusing on training, and being in zen mode. Tom Ngo
  • Luca Pantini
    The best place for training..for relax your mind..for meet new ppl..new culture..having the best and professional training and trainers..Thx To Yoann for being kind and strong in the cage And Sak for being so special during the training..see you soon Krap Luca Pantini
  • Max Taafe
    Unforgettable experience, great gym with good vibes the trainers treat you like family would definitely recommend. Max Taafe
  • Axel Faivre-Rampant
    Everyday I am improving thanks to very skilfull teachers. The atmophere at the camp with the partners is really chill. So I have absolutly no regret, without amplify, it is a luck to be there. For practicing muay thai I recommend it, around there is some discovering to do which permit you to change with the camp universe. Thai people are so kind, the quality of all the structure, the schedule planned, and the proximity foods and tools necessary is excellent for the price you pay. Axel Faivre-Rampant
  • Remo Gurtner
    301 gym is a great place to focus completely on muay thai. the trainers are very experienced , the gym is located in a calm area, far from distraction. I had an amazing time there, learnt a lot, met so many great people and had the opportunity to end my trip with my first fight. I recommend this place to everyone who loves muay thai or wants to fall in love with it. Thank you yoann for the great time! Remo Gurtner
  • Ron Lathrop
    Great location far away from any temptation to go off of your plan to eat healthy, stay in a clean cool room if you choose and a variety of diverse trainers that will give you strict MuayThai technique and training. I was oldest student in camp at 57 and they didn't go easy on me, they will push you to push yourself. What do you want out of camp. Between the 4 trainers at camp, well over 500 pro fights not counting the owner Joann , highly decorated fighter with hundreds of wins, what more could you ask for. Tough love MauyThai camp. With highest regard. Dr. Ron Lathrop
  • Anita Rani
    I came here to visit my man whilst he trained here. Its his second time here and I wanted to see why he wanted to come back. The facilities are fantastic - the beautiful 20 meter pool is an amazing touch. The trainers here have all competed... Most of them with over 100 fights and holding championship titles in the past. The training was varied and as hard as you wanted it to be. The setting is incredible and you will be sure to be amazed by its beauty. It's a way from town so perfect for a fitness detox. Whether you want to eat well and get back in shape or pursue the passion of Muay Thai 301 gym is an experience of a lifetime. Anita Rani
  • Dave Lamb
    If you love training, then this place is paradise ! Most people travel there alone so dont let that put you off, the training push you to your limits and you learn so much. Absolute great coaches everyone there training are mates foreva nar hopefully we all meeting back there next year will be back most years if possible go try it out you wont be dissapointed rooms all clean and spotless food is great yohan the owner is spot on 10/10 for this place Dave Lamb
  • Flavien Francoise
    A had been 3 weeks in the 301 muay tha camp, i meet awesome people, if you want to work hard this is the best place! I WANT TO GO BACK!! Flavien Francoise
  • Trevor Moran
    301 best training place in the world .. thank you so much for the last 3 weeks it was best training I ever done an enjoyed! top quality trainers and staff (abbey) thanks 301 looking forward to seen u in few months again Trevor Moran
    • Tim Louis Kreitzman
      This place is awesome. If you train here, You will become a great fighter. The instruction and training is phenomenal. I highly recommend this gym.Two thumbs up - 5 stars Tim Louis Kreitzman
    • Bob Mirfin
      Awesome camp, Run by awesome people. If your'e wanting to get in shape or into Muay Thai there is no better camp in Asia.. Plus a stones throw from the beach.Magical..x Bob Mirfin
  • Simon
    The training was brilliant with great Muay Thai trainers, we always learned new things, I would recommend the gym to anyone. Simon
  • Jamie J.Mirt
    Amazing place. No matter who you are and what your experience level is this is number one! Jamie J.Mirt
  • Larissa Bosman
    This place has everything you need to experience the full thailand muay thai experience... I couldn't recommend this place enough.. The trainers are fantastic ,they really know what they're doing. And the owner, Yoann, absolute top dude who will do whatever he can to make your stay the best it can be.. Larissa Bosman
  • Andy Arshad
    Best Muay Thai Camp. I can't recommend enough. If you are serious about getting fit then this is the place. Trainers give you full attention and instruct you according to your level. Located in very beautiful place near to beach. Very peaceful so there's no distractions so you stay 100% focused. Andy Arshad
  • James Tuck
    Stayed at 301 a couple of times now, excellent location set in beautiful mountainous surroundings minutes from a quiet beach. There are few distractions from training, but it's close enough to civilisation. James Tuck
  • Garth Richardson
    4 week camp was great from start to finish would definitly come back next year. Accommodation was clean and tidy. I had an aircon room with a tv which overlooked the pool. Easily a 4star accommodation rating. Garth Richardson
  • Patrick Byrne
    Stayed at 301 a couple of times now, excellent location set in beautiful mountainous surroundings minutes from a quiet beach. There are few distractions from training, but it's close enough to civilisation. Patrick Byrne
  • Matt Costello
    Had an epic time here! Friendly as crew and such a sick location. surrounded by mountains and relax in the massive pool to give yourself some much needed rest in between sessions. Great food and massage close by aswell. Well worth the experience! Will be back Matt Costello